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Outcome Investing

Investors gain,
communities thrive

Whitestone & Co Funds

Purposeful diversification into single-family rental homes

Whitestone & Co. enables investors to diversify their real estate investing portfolios into single family rental homes.

Our proven strategy targets positive returns while helping often overlooked people and communities.

Investment STrategy

Targeting positive investor returns while creating positive community growth

Compelling market opportunity

Strong demand fundamentals given significant voucher housing shortage.

Attractive and
stable cash flows

Housing choice vouchers provide cash flow stability and insulation from collection risk.

Proven investment strategy

We acquire properties below replacement cost and within the path of revitalization.

Improve people’s livelihood

Providing safe, affordable housing for low-income families, the elderly, and disabled.

We build enduring value for all stakeholders: GPs, LPs, residents, and communities alike.

Track Record

Whitestone & Co. by the numbers

We create value by acquiring single-family homes below replacement cost and within the path of revitalization.

Our strategy helps alleviate the voucher housing shortage, provides affordable housing, and creates cash flow stability that’s insulated from collection risk.

$100M+assets under management

1,300+ single-family homes acquired

1000average square feet per home

Significant market demand

15Msingle-family households nationwide

Source: John Burns Consulting

1 in 4households eligible for vouchers receive housing

Source: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

28+months average wait time for voucher housing

Source: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Fund I & II

Select acquisitions

Fund I and II acquired over 500 cash-flowing assets below replacement cost.

Our internal property management team provides an attractive alignment of interest for all stakeholders.

Our assets offer safe, clean, affordable single-family housing for working class people.

A traditional craftsman home with natural stone pillars and a glassed-in porch
3735 Agnes Avenue
Kansas City, MO
A contemporary living room with white walls and modern furniture
5506 Park Avenue
Kansas City, MO
Front of a red home with white trim and a sprawling porch
1322 East 59th Street
Kansas City, MO
A modern kitchen with white cabinets, granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances
2817 Olive Street
Kansas City, MO
A traditional two-story home painted blue with a wide front porch
3528 Woodland Avenue
Kansas City, MO
View of a contemporary great room with blue sofas and a modern kitchen
4542 Park Avenue
Kansas City, MO
2138 East 83rd Terrace
Kansas City, MO
Contemporary entry room with dark hardwood floors, white walls, and an open staircase.
906 S. Delaware Avenue
Independence, MO